After Treatment Basics

Thank you!

Dr. Grassin and the entire Gulf Coast Endodontics team would like to thank you for entrusting us with your dental well-being. We pride ourselves on gentle, exceptional root canal care and look forward to an on-going relationship with you.

Our service doesn’t stop once your procedure is complete –
We’re here for you!

After Treatment Care

Follow up with Your General Dentist

During your procedure, Dr. Grassin will place a temporary filling material (per your dentist’s instructions) to protect your tooth until you can see your general dentist.

As the name suggests, it is “temporary” and will not protect the tooth from reinfection or fracture, so it is important that you make your follow-up appointment shortly after your procedure. At your follow-up appointment your general dentist will complete the steps necessary to permanently restore your tooth.

Normal Healing

The site of your procedure, around the tooth, might be uncomfortable for a few days. In some cases the tooth may be tender to chewing pressure for up to a week or more after treatment. This is absolutely normal, and is part of the healing process. Anti-inflammatory pain medications are highly recommended. You’re on the read to recovery!

Please Notify Us If…

When you bite down or chew, if your tooth feels like it is too high, it may create additional soreness. A quick visit to the office to make minor adjustments can lead to dramatic improvement on how the tooth feels.

Facial Aching, Sore Jaw Joints or Ear Pain

At Gulf Coast Endodontics we make ever effort to make your procedure as comfortable as possible, although we realize it’s a very natural reaction during long appointments to unconsciously clench or grind teeth. The result of clenching or grinding may exhibit itself in ear pain, multiple tooth sensitivity from continued pressure, aching in the jaw joint or facial muscles. Anti-inflammatory medication (such as ibuprophen) and moist heat applied to the affected area are usually very helpful in relaxing the area and relieving muscle tension.

Note: Heat applied to infection induced swelling usually worsens the situation, so if you are in doubt, leave off the moist heat and contact our office.

Second Visits to Gulf Coast Endodontics

For more complex procedures, you may require a second visit for completion. Even if your tooth feels perfectly comfortable, be aware that if we make a follow-up appointment with you, we do so because it is essential to successful long-term healing. Total completion of your root canal therapy with us and subsequent restoration by your general dentist are crucial for dental well-being.

After-hour Questions & Emergency Contact

All patients are given their endodontist’s home phone number along with our office number after treatment. If you have any after-hours questions, call your endodontist at home first, and if they are not available, call our office number. Our voice mail will notify one of our doctors to contact you promptly.

An endodontist is on call after-hours. If you need to call after hours, please have your pharmacy number available.